Package Name: Config Tree Package

struct ap_directive_t

struct ap_directive_t


Structure used to build the config tree. The config tree only stores the directives that will be active in the running server. Directives that contain other directions, such as cause a sub-level to be created, where the included directives are stored. The closing directive () is not stored in the tree.

Member Index

Class Variables

ap_directive_t*next ;
The next directive node in the tree

ap_directive_t*first_child ;
The first child node of this directive

ap_directive_t*parent ;
The parent node of this directive

const char *args;
The arguments for the current directive, stored as a space separated list

void *data;
directive's module can store add'l data here

const char *directive;
The current directive

const char *filename;
The name of the file this directive was found in

int line_num;
The line number the directive was on

Global Variables

The root of the configuration tree

Global Functions

ap_directive_t *ap_add_node(ap_directive_t **parent, ap_directive_t *current, ap_directive_t *toadd, int child);
Add a node to the configuration tree.

parentThe current parent node. If the added node is a first_child, then this is changed to the current node
currentThe current node
toaddThe node to add to the tree
childIs the node to add a child node
Return Value
the added node

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