Package Name: Multi-Processing Module library

Global Functions

Spawn a process with privileges that another module has requested

rThe request_rec of the current request
newprocThe resulting process handle.
prognameThe program to run
const_argsthe arguments to pass to the new program. The first one should be the program name.
envThe new environment apr_table_t for the new process. This should be a list of NULL-terminated strings.
attrthe procattr we should use to determine how to create the new process
pThe pool to use.
intap_mpm_run(apr_pool_t *pconf, apr_pool_t *plog, server_rec *server_conf);
@deprecated present for backwards compatibility This is the function that MPMs must create. This function is responsible for controlling the parent and child processes. It will run until a restart/shutdown is indicated.

pconfthe configuration pool, reset before the config file is read
plogthe log pool, reset after the config file is read
server_confthe global server config.
Return Value
1 for shutdown 0 otherwise.

predicate indicating if a graceful stop has been requested ... used by the connection loop

Return Value
1 if a graceful stop has been requested, 0 otherwise

intap_mpm_query(int query_code, int *result);
Query a property of the current MPM.

query_codeOne of APM_MPMQ_*
resultA location to place the result of the query
Return Value

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